2016-17 Schedule

Event details, including times, participating instutitions and off-campus locations, will be added here as determined by the host institution.

Event Date Event City
2016-09-24 Denver, Colorado  
2016-09-25 Atlanta, Georgia  
2016-09-25 Des Moines, Iowa  
2016-10-01 Cincinnati, Ohio  
2016-10-01 Houston, Texas  
2016-10-02 Columbus, Ohio  
2016-10-02 Dallas, Texas  
2016-10-08 Vincennes, Indiana  
2016-10-09 Minneapolis, Minnesota  
2016-10-15 Memphis, Tennessee  
2016-10-15 Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
2016-10-16 Chicago, Illinois  
2016-10-16 Nashville, Tennessee  
2016-10-22 Kansas City, Missouri  
2016-10-22 San Francisco, California GRADUATE Portfolio Day  
2016-10-23 San Diego, California  
2016-10-23 St. Louis, Missouri  
2016-10-23 Syracuse, New York  
2016-10-29 Richmond, Virginia  
2016-10-29 Toronto, Ontario  
2016-10-30 Detroit, Michigan  
2016-10-30 New York City GRADUATE Portfolio Day  
2016-11-05 Boston, Massachusetts  
2016-11-05 Chicago GRADUATE Portfolio Day  
2016-11-06 Hartford, Connecticut  
2016-11-12 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
2016-11-13 New York, New York  
2016-11-19 Paris, France  
2016-11-19 Washington, DC  
2016-11-20 Baltimore, Maryland  
2016-11-20 Charlotte, North Carolina  
2016-12-03 Phoenix, Arizona  
2016-12-03 Vancouver, British Columbia  
2016-12-04 Albuquerque, New Mexico  
2017-01-07 Seattle, Washington  
2017-01-08 Portland, Oregon  
2017-01-14 New Orleans, Lousianna  
2017-01-14 San Francisco, California  
2017-01-15 Los Angeles, California  
2017-01-21 Miami, Florida  
2017-01-22 Sarasota, FL  

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Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 29: Richmond, Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm 
event details

Sat, Oct 29: Toronto, Ontario, OCAD University
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm 
event details

Sun, Oct 30: Detroit, Michigan 
College for Creative Studies
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm 
event details

Sun, Oct 30: New York City GRADUATE Portfolio Day
Parsons School of Design 
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm 
event details